The Hair Bible

Salon vs Supermarket product

Your hair is important right? I’ve not met many clients in my hairdressing career that say “I don’t care about my hair. I don’t care what happens to it or how it looks.” Your hair is an investment, a lot of the time you are spending a decent amount on how it looks & feels. So why not do everything you can to maintain how it is when you walk out of the salon?! Why spend that money to then let it all fall apart by using the wrong home Haircare products?

Lets break it down a bit. We are trained as stylists to know what is good for hair & skin- and what is not. Supermarket shampoos, conditioners, treatments, hairsprays etc all contain nasties. Even when they say they are “used by professionals” - I can tell you right now that they are NOT! Generally these products are detergent based- giving the impression that they are cleaning your hair better & faster, when the only thing it’s doing in a hurry is stripping out that beautiful toning colour you just had done. Silicone is another problem with supermarket products. It’ll wrap itself around the hair, coating it in a faux shine that’ll stress the hell out of your hairdresser at your next appointment when you are wanting to lighten your hair (or colour it in anyway for that matter!) Trying to get colour to penetrate past that barrier of silicone can be a complete nightmare, and can have some adverse effects during the colouring process.

Salon professional products are carefully formulated using the key ingredients to give its consumers the best result. The investment made into the product development is much more than the cheap stuff on the shelf at Coles. UV protection, thermal protectant, colour fade protection just to name a few- this is what the specialised chemist focus on when creating products for salon brands. Finding the right salon branded products for your hair can change how your hair feels & looks drastically- so let us educate you. 

As your hairdresser, we want what is best for your hair. When we create something amazing for you, we want it to last as long as possible. We aren’t just “trying to make a sale” - we genuinely care about what happens to your hair when you leave our salon. Use professional products that don’t contain sulphates, parabens or any other icky chemicals. Your hair & skin will thank you for it!