The Hair Bible

Making Waves

Who struggles with waving their hair at home? Lets help you out! Below you will find a product list, tools required & some tips on how to make it easier for you!

Products Required
  • Leave in conditioner (REPLENDS or AROMAS ENDS THERAPY to apply when hair is damp after washing. These products have built in heat protectors)
  • Heat protect spray (THERMAL SHIELD will help to hold your waves/curls, as well as protect from the heat with thermal tools)
  • Finishing products (LUXE CREME for taming any fly aways & AROMAS STYLE THERAPY SPRAY to hold your do in place!)

Tools Required
  • MUK CURL STICK (larger size for softer waves) 
  • Wide tooth comb/brush to separate the curls and soften the look (ain't nobody want to have those tight 90's curls we all had for our formals back then!)
  • Sectioning clips 

You will find all of the tools & products needed on our online store.

Tips & Tricks
  • Check the temp on the curler! Fine hair you only need this set to lower temp to minimise any damage. Thicker courser hair you can bump it up a little bit!
  • This one is a given- but don't hold in one spot for too long or you will burn your hair and/or create "kink" marks.
  • Don't do the sections too thin OR to thick. Around 3cm per section is ideal, and spray each section with Thermal Shield before you curl.
  • Once your curls are complete, let your hair cool down before coming or brushing it out. Once brushed (don't be afraid to really get in there with the brushing!) use a small, 5c piece amount of Luxe Creme to distribute evenly over any frizz, fly aways & your ends.
  • Take a selfie & tag us! @halohaircollective

See short video of how to wave.

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