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Blowdry at Home

Blowdrying your hair at home doesn't need to be difficult! Below you will find a product list, tools required & some tips on how to make it easier for you!

Products Required
  • Leave in conditioner (REPLENDS or AROMAS ENDS THERAPY to apply when hair is damp after washing. These products have built in heat protectors) 
  • If you are blonde & wanting to refresh your tone- use the 10V TONING FOAM in damp hair as well as a leave in conditioner!
  • Heat protect & anti-frizz(ULTIMATE POTION will help to hold your waves/curls, as well as protect from the heat with thermal tools)
  • Finishing products (LUXE CREME for taming any fly aways & AROMAS STYLE THERAPY SPRAY to hold your do in place!)

Tools Required
  • Large Round brush
  • Sectioning clips

You will find all of the tools & products needed on our online store.

Tips & Tricks
  • Make sure you have combed the tangles out of hair before starting, with Ultimate Potion distributed evenly. Use about 5 to 10c piece worth.
  • Get your brush into place (starting at the roots to lift and dry first)
  • Don't do the sections too thin OR to thick. Around 3cm per section is ideal.
  • Once you get going you will get the hang of it! If your hair sits flat on top or around your face, blowdry upwards and in the opposite direction to where it will sit. This is to maximise oomph & volume. Then use a small, 5c piece amount of Luxe Creme to distribute evenly over any frizz, fly aways & your ends.
  • Take a selfie & tag us! @halohaircollective

See short video of how to blowdry

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